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A detailed understanding of the deeper skin layers

Our skin analysis will help you understand your skin type, your potential problem areas, the disruptions in pigmentation and so much more...

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Below you will find a few reviews. Because we are an dutch company, most of our reviews are in dutch language. See the videos on this page that have been translated.

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Meet our skin therapist . . .

  • Ellen de Haan (Skin therapist)

    I believe it is important to feel good in your own skin. That is why I would be happy to be the one to help you achieve this. Whether you are dealing with a skin problem or just want to maintain your skin, everyone benefits from proper skin care.


    As a skin therapist I believe in the importance of quality work. That’s why I am an active member of the Dutch organisation for Skin therapists (NVH) and the Quality Register Paramedics, both responsible for testing and maintaining the quality of skin therapy.


    I would like to invite you to a complementary consult so you can personally experience the possibilities for your skin. I hope to see you soon!


    Click here for a noncommittal consult, or reach out to me per email at

Popular treatments in our clinic

A fruit acid peeling can be used to help cure skin problems such as acne and pigment disruptions. This is also an intensive refreshment for any skin type.

The fruit acids in the peeling are able to get deeper into the skin for a healthy, glowing skin. We offer various peelings for every skin type. You can find the different type of fruit acid peelings in our list of treatments below.

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Chemische peeling

A chemical peeling contains high concentrated fruit acids to reach the deeper skin layers. This peeling can be used to treat problems that are rooted deeper in the skin, such as spots and pigmentation.

The peeling is also perfect to minimize pores or as treatment for fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars. You can find the different type of chemical peelings in our list of treatments below.

The dermapen uses tiny needles to penetrate and open up your skin. This activates the skin cells to induce the natural recovery process of the skin. The dermapen gives the skin therapist the ability to adjust the depth of the needles, which allows for precise and optimal treatment of different areas.

The dermapen can be set to only penetrate the upper layers of the skin to revitalize the skin, as well as deeper penetration for intensive anti-aging or (acne)scar treatment.

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